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Captioning Services

Captioning is an ideal solution not only for hearing impaired persons, but also for noisy or crowded environments, theaters, museums, public meetings and presentations. In addition to our high-quality turnkey Caption Display units, we also offer various capabilities and services to support any captioning and subtitling requirements.

Our Experience

Compusult's captioning and subtitling services experience includes:

  • An integrated software and hardware solution to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Janeway Children's Hospital Foundation to allow for real-time capture and video insertion of donor information during the live Janeway Telethon. The information was embedded in a linear key format for superposition on broadcast video.
  • A comprehensive and integrated solution to Lenoir-Rhyne College which enabled all live events to be captioned in real-time throughout the campus including classrooms, theatres, auditoriums, music room, etc. It consisted of 11 Caption Display units of five different sizes and configurations. Compusult also provided Caption Display and speech-to-text software to allow the presenters or designated captioners to speak and have their words appear real-time on the displays. We also provided personnel training in captioning for live events, custom mounting options, communication links for wireless captioning and remote control, plus custom start-up messages for each Caption Display system deployed on campus.
  • Development of enhancements to commercial captioning and transcription software for companies in the United States and Canada.
  • Production and editing of educational and training videos with both closed captions and descriptive video.

Our Customers

Compusult’s Captioning Services Customers Include:

  • U.S. National Park Service.
  • Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, North Carolina.
  • City of Long Beach, California.
  • City of Forth Worth, Texas.
  • County of Los Angeles, California.
  • Network Television Time.
  • Spitz Inc.
  • Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival, Orlando, Florida.
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
  • Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Government of Canada.
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
  • Cheetah International.

Captioning, Consulting and Training Services

Compusult provides educational and training videos with both closed captions and descriptive video. We also offer a variety of consulting services, such as analyzing your captioning requirements and assisting in technical challenges, guaranteeing our clients are equipped with the knowledge they require to use our captioning products and services.

Caption Display Units

Compusult's Caption Display units are are complete, ready-to-run, closed caption display boards. All our Caption Display Systems work by extracting the closed caption (Line 21) encoding from the video signal and displaying it to a high density LED display. The systems will present all ASCII characters that can come from baseband video sources with embedded line 21 closed captions, an EIA-608B serial data feed or from the Compusult Caption Display software. This leaves the video picture free of the captioning information for improved visibility and unobstructed viewing. These systems are used in a variety of environments where it’s more convenient to have the closed captioning displayed outside of the normal on-screen viewing area.

Captioning Software

Compusult's Caption Display software allows you to transcribe the spoken word during meetings, live performances or presentations using voice recognition software, keyboard entry, and/or prepared text files. It also integrates directly with our Caption Display units to provide high visibility text for hearing impaired attendees or translated versions of spoken words for audiences with different primary languages.

Turnkey Captioning Solutions

Compusult supplies turnkey solutions for Real-Time Captioning that include our Caption Display Software, Caption Display systems, voice recognition software for converting speech into displayed captions, writing assistant software that aids in transcription and accessories such as specialized microphones and devices for wireless connections to Caption Display units.

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