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Compusult has five models of the Closed Caption Display Systems available. All are complete, ready-to-run remote systems. The varying feature is the size of the character height that determines the maximum viewing distance from the units.

All units are an ideal solution for the deaf and hearing impaired persons as well as noisy or very quiet settings such as museums, trade shows, airports, churches, exhibitions or hotels. The systems can be wall or table mounted, which makes installation a breeze.

We also design and build custom systems. Call us with your requirements.

Model Number Character Height Unit Length Unit Height Unit Depth Viewing Distance*
CD-HOME 0.8" 24" 5.5" 1.5" 25'
CD-2000N 1.3" 37" 7" 1" 50'
CD-2400N 2.0" 59" 11" 1.5" 100'
CD-3000 3.0" 90" 22.0" 5.0" 150'
CD-4000 4.0" 120" 30.0" 5.0" 200'
*This is the maximum estimated indoor viewing distance under typical overhead lighting conditions. Viewing distance will vary depending on an individual's visual acuity, viewing angle and effects of light source and/or objects that may obscure or occlude one's view.
Display Four lines by 32 characters. 0.8" to 4.0" character height. Individual 5x7 dot matrix, multiple coloured LED characters. Brightness controls are included on all models.
Video Input Standard NTSC Video In. Input termination is 75 ohms. Built-in closed caption decoder supports all Line 21 channels.
Serial Input Standard RS-232 (RS-422 option available) using DB9 straight-through cable at 9600 baud. Data input must conform with CEA 608b Standard for Line 21 Service (formally referenced as EIA 608B).
Enclosure Ergonomic, slim, lightweight enclosure. Optional mounting kits and travel cases available.

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