A Mouth Controlled USB Joystick.

Introducing two new Jouse models: Jouse+ and JouseLite


Jouse3 Features

  • USB 2.0 plug-and-play.
  • Includes an advanced, high-quality articulated arm and desk mount (clamp mount also available as an option).
  • Requires minimal movement and can be operated with the mouth, cheek, chin or tongue.
  • Jouse3Extremely smooth with excellent tracking. Use the Jouse for drawing or any application requiring fine cursor control.
  • Mounts easily to almost any desktop, wheelchair or bedframe.
  • Nothing is attached to you, providing greater independence.
  • Lets you control switch enabled devices.
  • Incorporates mounting options for additional equipment such as microphones, switches and webcams.
  • No external power supply is required.  Auxiliary power option can be used to sustain battery life of your device.
  • High-quality and durable hardware and includes all required electronics and software.
  • Supports Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix based computers, as well as Android and iOS devices*, control for switch-enabled devices and AAC systems with USB ports.
  • Includes a two-year return-to-depot warranty and free technical support. Extended warranties are available.
  • CE Certified.

(*Devices must have built-in USB port or USB adapter. iOS devices must also support VoiceOver).

Jouse+ Features

The new Jouse+ includes all the features of the Jouse3 and:

  • Gaming Mode - Jouse+ now offers an enhanced mode so you can more easily play demanding first-person shooter, racing and other video games.
  • Alternative Mouse Mode - If you have limited head movement or mobility, this new mode makes it easier to move the cursor. Just gently nudge the joystick in the desired direction. The mouse cursor will then follow that direction until you nudge the joystick again.
  • Middle Mouse Button Mode - Jouse+ now includes quick and easy middle mouse button emulation to enable scrolling within windows and opening/closing tabs in a web browser.
  • Enhanced External Device Control  - Jouse+ offers more enhanced external device control for operating switch-enabled and mobile devices.

JouseLite Features

JouseLite includes all the features of the Jouse+ and:

  • JouseLite is lighter and smaller, including a more compact and less intrusive joystick, but the same great performance.

  • JouseLite features a flexible, high-quality gooseneck arm plus a universal mount that allows installation on a desk, wheelchair or bed rail.

  • Most important, JouseLite offers all the functionality of a Jouse+ for less!


Specifications Specifications

Jouse3 operates using the USB interface and protocols. Just plug it in, and Jouse3 will configure itself to work with your particular computer. It couldn't be easier!

System Requirements

Jouse3 supports:

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • Linux and Unix based computers
  • Android and iOS based mobile devices
  • Control for switch-enabled devices
  •  AAC systems with USB ports

User Manuals

Download the Jouse3 User's Manual in PDF*. (This is a 1.11MB download)

Download the Jouse2 User's Manual in PDF*. (This is a 1.4MB download)

Download the original Jouse User's Manual in PDF*. (This is a 94KB download)