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Outspoken Communicator Mobile System with Predictable

Outspoken Communicator PredictableCompusult’s Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution. It includes the Predictable AAC software pre-installed on an Apple iPad or iPod Touch, as well as optional accessories.

Predictable from TherapyBox is a cost-effective and unique communication aid for people with speech disabilities. With 40% larger keyboard keys and keyboard size, a 40% larger message window, and a 100% larger Speak button, Predictable lets you type messages more efficiently via a sophisticated word prediction engine, and then speak the messages using your choice of 9 Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices. New and improved features such as the ability to re-order phrases, one-touch voice output for stored phrases, and increased space between the Speak and Clear buttons, ensure Predictable offers you an innovative and effective communication solution.

Outspoken Communicator Predictable


  • UK and US prediction engine featuring integrated intelligent self-learning of new words and contexts
  • Accessible via Bluetooth switch box + switch/es (compatible with Therapy Box Switch Box and RJ Cooper Switch Interface)
  • Configurable scanning settings for auto scan or user scan
  • Use the whole screen as a switch with scanning mode (Touch Anywhere access method)
  • Choice of 9 voices (4 US, 3 British, and 2 Australian voices)
  • Easy to use category folders to store quick phrases or prepared messages
  • Outspoken Communicator PredictableHistory view with access to last used phrases
  • Ability to compose and send emails

  • Ability to update Facebook status or send a Tweet*

  • Ability to send an SMS

  • Note pad option - hand write on the screen
  • Emoticons - to add laughter, crying or whistling to your message
  • Publish option for 1:1 discrete conversations
  • Backup your phrases to your computer


Please Note: 

  • Compusult offers various iPad and iPod Touch models and bundle options. Just call or e-mail us and tell us what you need!
  • Discount pricing may be available with the purchase of multiple items.
  • For more information about the Outspoken Communicator Mobile System, Predictable, our iPod and iPad bundles, and pricing, please contact us by calling toll free at 1 888 745 7914 (Canada and USA only), +1 709 745 7914, or email



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