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Outspoken Communicator Mobile System with Proloquo2Go

Proloquo2Go Software-iPod TouchCompusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution. It includes the Proloquo2Go AAC software pre-installed on an Apple iPad or iPod Touch, as well as optional accessories.

Proloquo2Go is an Assistiveware product and Assistiveware Trademark. It is a communication solution for any child or adult who can operate an iPod Touch / iPad. Proloquo2Go is a cost effective tool for special education, and AAC specialists enjoy the ease of programming and customization.

Proloquo2Go Software-iPad


  • A complete communication solution with a beginning vocabulary of over 7000 words and phrases.
  • Includes natural-sounding Text-To-Speech (TTS) male and female voices from Acapela Group (U.S or British English only at present).
  • Lets you use symbol, photo, and text-based communication tools: 
  • Symbol-based communication employs almost 8000 built-in symbols from SymbolStix LLC. Speech items are organized into categories with the option for grid or list views. You can easily add new speech items and categories with a one-button operation.
  • Text-based communication allows you to type full sentences and paragraphs and includes options for automatic conjugation of verbs, pluralizations, and possessives.
  • Photo-based communication lets you use digital images instead of symbols and attach the text you want to each one.
  • The history feature provides quick access to items spoken in the last 15 minutes, last hour, today, yesterday, etc., up to one week in the past.
  • Proloquo2Go includes 2 vocabularies: AssistiveWare’s free built-in Crescendo™ core word vocabulary and Gateway to Language & Learning©, available through an in-app purchase.
  • Access to 4,750 unique words out of the box and another 7,250 pre-categorized words in storage 
  • Proloquo2Go and the Crescendo™ vocabulary are available in English and Spanish, with support for bilingual use it allows to instantly switch between languages at any time. 
  • Includes over 45 natural-sounding TTS voices, 10 of them genuine children’s voices, in English (USA, UK, Australian, Scotland and India) and Spanish (North American and Spain).

Please Note: 

  • Discount pricing may be available with the purchase of multiple items.
  • For more information about the Outspoken Communicator Mobile System, our iPod and iPad bundles, and pricing, please contact us by calling toll free at 1 888 745 7914 (Canada and USA only), +1 709 745 7914or email



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