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Outspoken Communicator Mobile System with Speak It

Speak-It!Compusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Solution. It includes the Speak It software pre-installed on an Apple iPod Touch or iPad and basic accessories.

Speak It is an advanced Text-to-Speech (TTC) solution, utilizing voice synthesis to reproduce speech which is clear and natural sounding.


  • Easy to use interface: simply enter the text you want to say, and press the “Speak it! button
  • Four high quality voices are included: American Male, American Female, British Male, British Female
  • NEW! Highlights words as they are spoken
  • Ability to create audio files and email them
  • Save as many phrases as you would like, and easily repeat them later
  • Pause and resume speech playback
  • Change the volume, as well as the speed of spoken text
  • Change the font size of the text field
  • Speak it! Store, where you can download 20 new voices
  • Designed to be used while on a phone call
  • Localized for French, Italian, German, and Spanish

Please Note:

  • Discount pricing may be available with the purchase of multiple items.
  • For more information about the Outspoken Communicator Mobile System, our iPod and iPad bundles, and pricing, please contact us by calling toll free at 1 888 745 7914 (Canada and USA only). +1 709 745 7914, or email

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