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This category includes communication and education tools that are beneficial for those who need additional help with reading, writing or bridging the gap between ideas and production.

Outspoken Communicator Mobile Accessory BundleOutspoken Communicator Mobile System

A high-quality portable Augmentative and Alternative Communicator (AAC) bundled solution that can be customized to include an iPad or select Android device, pre-installed with various AAC software, as well as accessories such as an EVA2 protective case, tempered glass screen protector, carrying strap, ergonomic metal stylus and the iGo Bluetooth wireless portable speaker.


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Compusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System can also be configured with any or all of the following accessory options upon request. Choose the solution that works best for you.

EVA2 Protective Case with Optional Carrying Strap

Compusult’s EVA2 is an easy-to-hold, foam-based case that protects your device from accidental drops and tumbles. It features even better protection and stability, a built-in convertible stand that doubles as a handle, a stylus storage slot and cut-outs for attaching Compusult’s EVA2 carrying strap.

Compusult’s iGo Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

Compusult’s iGo Bluetooth wireless speaker is a perfect pairing for any mobile device running AAC apps. iGo’s portable, splashproof design provides excellent volume and clarity, ensuring you are heard when communicating through any AAC app for iPad, Android and Windows. It features five hours of continuous play time, allows for hands-free calling, has a powerful 5-Watt speaker and a special acoustic design that lets air compress and expand to release sound energy. It also has a built-in carabiner clip, microphone and microSD card slot.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Stylus

Ease of use and protection are further enhanced with Compusult’s tempered glass screen protector and ergonomic metal stylus. This bundle can also be configured with any or all of the following accessory options upon request. Choose the solution that works best
for you.

AAC Software Options

The Outspoken Communicator Mobile System can be customized to include all or any combination of the following Augmentative and Alternative Communicator (AAC) software options.

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System-Proloquo2Go Proloquo2Go 

Comprehensive AAC solution that allows a user to increase vocabulary, store commonly used words and phrases and use symbols and/or text-based functions. Please note Proloquo2Go is only for iPad.

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Compusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable AAC solution. It includes the Proloquo2Go AAC software pre-installed on an iPad, as well as optional accessories.

Proloquo2Go is an Assistiveware product and Assistiveware Trademark. It is a communication solution for any child or adult who can operate an iPad. Proloquo2Go is a cost effective tool for special education and AAC specialists to enjoy the ease of programming and customization.

(Please note Proloquo2Go is for iPad only).

If you require a solution for an Android device, please contact Compusult for information about the other Outspoken Communicator Mobile systems we offer.

Feature Summary:

  • A complete communication solution with a beginning vocabulary of over 7000 words and phrases.
  • Includes natural-sounding Text-To-Speech (TTS) male and female voices from Acapela Group (U.S or British English only at present).
  • Lets you use symbol, photo and text-based communication tools: 
    • Symbol-based communication employs almost 8000 built-in symbols from SymbolStix LLC. Speech items are organized into categories with the option for grid or list views. You can easily add new speech items and categories with a one-button operation.
    • Text-based communication allows you to type full sentences and paragraphs and includes options for automatic conjugation of verbs, pluralizations and possessives.
    • Photo-based communication lets you use digital images instead of symbols and attach the text you want to each one.
  • The history feature provides quick access to items spoken in the last 15 minutes, last hour, today, yesterday, etc., up to one week in the past.
  • Proloquo2Go includes 2 vocabularies: AssistiveWare’s free built-in Crescendo™ core word vocabulary and Gateway to Language & Learning©, available through an in-app purchase.
  • Access to 4,750 unique words out of the box and another 7,250 pre-categorized words in storage 
  • Proloquo2Go and the Crescendo™ vocabulary are available in English and Spanish, with support for bilingual use it allows to instantly switch between languages at any time. 
  • Includes over 45 natural-sounding TTS voices, 10 of them genuine children’s voices, in English (USA, UK, Australian, Scotland and India) and Spanish (North American and Spain).

Outspoken Communicator Mobile -Predictable Predictable

Comprehensive Text-based AAC solution with options to store phrases and translate handwriting.


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Compusult’s Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable AAC solution. It includes the Predictable AAC software pre-installed on an iPador select Android device, as well as optional accessories.

Predictable from TherapyBox is a cost-effective and unique communication aid for people with speech disabilities. It lets you type messages more efficiently via a sophisticated word prediction engine and then speak the messages using your choice of nine TTS voices, which can be customized and a U.S. or UK dictionary. Predictable offers you an innovative and effective communication solution.

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System - Assistive Chat Assistive Express

A text-based AAC solution with word prediction and storage of phrases.


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Compusult’s Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable AAC solution. It includes the Assistive Express AAC software pre-installed on an iPad or select Android device, as well as optional accessories.

Assistive Apps presents Assistive Express, an affordable AAC device catered to people with difficulty in speech. The biggest challenge for such users when using AAC devices is the number of key strokes or hits required to construct any sentences, which can take up a significant amount of time to have a decent conversation with anyone. To overcome this challenge, Assistive Express is designed to be simple and efficient, allowing users to express their views and thoughts at the most express manner with natural sounding voices.


  • Landscape and Portrait Modes to cater to different needs.
  • Word Prediction to minimize the keystrokes required.
  • Adaptive learning of new vocabulary into the word prediction list.
  • Favorites list for users to save commonly used sentences.
  • Three voices included for user to pick.
  • Adjustable volume and speed for voices.
  • Large font and buttons for easy access.
  • Recent list for quick access to previously spoken sentences.
  • Self-learning "next word" prediction.
  • *New* Favorites can be reordered.
  • *New* Share to Twitter, Facebook, Messages, Email etc..
  • *New* Font size is adjustable.
  • *New* Prediction can be enabled/disabled.
  • Assistive Express is currently only designed for the English Language.


Outspoken Communicator Mobile System - Snap + Core First Snap + Core First

A symbol-based AAC solution that helps users to continuously build vocabulary and communication skills.


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Compusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution. It includes the Snap + Core First AAC software pre-installed on an iPad or select Android device, as well as optional accessories.

Snap + Core First is a symbol-based communication software for symbol-supported communicators.It is designed to be the easy to use, most intuitive, and consistently arranged solution available on the market, for both the user and the communication partner. Snap + Core First is the ideal solution for individuals with Autism, CerebralPalsy, Downsyndrome, and Intellectual Disabilities..

Feature Summary: 

  • Start communicating immediately - with tools and supports, like Core Words, Quick Phrases, and Topics, that allow a communicator to initiate and guide the interaction.
  • Created to be the best - with years of research, feedback, and user testing SLPs and educators, 9 out of 10 tested preferred Snap over competitor apps.
  • Built for confidence - with the easiest navigation, no instructions are necessary, and a toolbar is always available with tools to support you as you move through the system.
  • Designed for easy customization and consistency - with a new user interface for easy editing and grid size changes, standard functions for dragging and dropping, quicker actions for linking pages, and a new Search tool for finding words quickly.
  • A wide range of voices - A wide variety of Acapela voices are available as free downloads.
  • Free cloud-based storage - to backup and share your page sets on
  • Core Word framework, topics, quick phrases, behavior supports, word lists, and keyboards that let a user naturally engage with others.
  • Helps the communicator continuously build vocabulary and skills and takes advantage of motor learning by introducing new vocabulary systematically and purposefully, which allows users to move up or down and always know where to find vocabulary.
  • It is built on three pillars for communication success: growth, engagement, and literacy.
  • A comprehensive ecosystem of support
  • Access to a free ecosystem of content and a library of resources.

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System - TapToTalk TapToTalk

AAC solution with an option to tilt the device and have the message fill the entire screen. There are symbol and text-based modes.


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Compusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable AAC solution. It includes the TapToTalk software pre-installed on an iPad or select Android device, as well as optional accessories.

TapToTalk displays a set of pictures on a screen, and when you tap a particular picture, TapToTalk plays a word or sentence and displays another screen of pictures. It comes with a fully functional album that you can use, and there are also options to individualize albums to meet specific needs.


  • Choose from a library of over 2500 pictures, or add your own photos
  • Choose the vocabulary, language, voice and accent, or record your voice or use text-to-speech
  • Each screen in an album can have up to 12 pictures and each album can have hundreds of pictures. You can publish up to 12 albums to supported devices.

Outspoken Communicator Mobile System - TouchChat TouchChat

AAC solution with an option to tilt the device and have the message fill the entire screen. There are symbol and text-based modes.


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Compusult's Outspoken Communicator Mobile System is a high-quality portable AAC solution. It includes the TouchChat AAC software pre-installed on an iPad or select Android device, as well as optional accessories.

TouchChat allows individuals who cannot speak to communicate by spelling or selecting icons from visual display. Words, phrases and messages are used with the built-in voice synthesizer or by playing back recorded messages.


  • Five synthesized voices to choose from, giving you the option to pick one to suit your personality.
  • Tilt the device to make the message fill the entire screen in large letters.
  • Ability to navigate through page sets and speak messages. Page sets are linked pages, are each are divided in to a number of buttons.
  • Ability to customize the TouchChat vocabulary.
  • Personalize existing pages and buttons.
  • Over 10,000 symbols included for customizing buttons.

There are Four Page Sets included with TouchChat:

  • VocabPC - For adults and adolescents with developmental disabilities and vocabulary is arranged as carrier phrases, interactive sentences, activity vocabulary and naming words.
  • MultiChat 15 - Created for school-aged individuals with emerging language skills and includes individual words, sentences and phrases.
  • Spelling - A QWERTY keyboard page set with four word prediction buttons and a few pre-stored phrases.
  • Primary - Designed for children and contains vocabulary for home, school and general communication.

Other Software and Accessories

These software packages and accessories include voice recognition and language and writing aids that improve writing skills and give users more input options.

Compusult is an authorized distributor of many assistive technology products and can locate additional items based on your requirements. If you have any further questions about our products or services, please call us toll free at 1-888-745-7914 (Canada and USA Only) or +1 (709) 745-7914 and talk to our AT team.

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Dragon NaturallySpeakingDragon NaturallySpeaking

Text-to-Speech Recognition Software with comprehensive control of all areas of your computer. Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows hands free access to internal computer settings, learns your vocabulary and voice tone.


High accuracy, fast performance and extensive vocabulary give you outstanding recognition for your toughest business projects. It's simple. Just speak to your computer naturally - without pausing between words - and watch as sentences appear on your screen. Dictate and edit entire paragraphs at a time. Compose e-mail messages, create reports, draft letters, and edit proposals just by speaking. Add words to your vocabulary and train it to recognize how you pronounce that word.  Use automatically expanding phrases to replace short phrases with pre-set paragraphs you use often.  You'll find Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be faster and more natural than typing.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is unique among text-to-speech software packages due to the access to anything in your computer.  Use voice commands to access internal controls and settings in your computer, switch between active programs and windows and use pre-programmed commands for different applications for more efficiency. 

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is available in a French professional versions geared toward specific industries (legal and medical).

Plantronics HeadsetPlantronics Headset

Manufacturer: Plantronics

Models include wired and wireless headphones with microphones and noise cancelling features.




For music, games, speech recognition, Internet chat/telephony, and video conferencing. This headset features awesome stereo sound and a superior speech-recognition microphone for improved voice recognition accuracy. Equipped with convenient inline volume and mute controls and a QuickAdjust™ microphone boom that ensures correct placement for speech applications. The flexible headband and soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions let you work or play in comfort. Compatible with popular PC sound cards, just plug it in and start talking. The headset is lightweight and comfortable, with a new behind-the-head design.

Product Features:

  • Full-range stereo sound
  • Superior speech recognition microphone
  • Inline volume and mute controls
  • Lightweight, comfortable, behind-the-head design
  • Compatible with popular PC sound cards
  • Works on Windows®systems
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Windows XP™  

Kurzweil 3000Kurzweil 3000

Manufacturer: Kurzweil Educational Systems

Kurzweil 3000 is a writing tool that guides users from the brainstorming stage to completion of essays. Grammar and spell check functions are available, and you can scan or import in documents from various formats.


Kurzweil 3000 is a scanning, reading and writing solution for people with learning disabilities or reading difficulties. There are two versions - one for the Windows environment and one for the Macintosh.

Many versions of Kurzweil products are available, specific items can be quoted upon request.


Manufacturer: Prologue

Antidote is a French and English language writing software product with spelling, vocabulary and syntax checking functions. It hosts a comprehensive dictionary.




Antidote is the full arsenal of the perfect editor that adds directly to your favorite software. Whether you write a letter or email, click a button, and see if open a reference works among the richest and most useful products ever.

Read and Write GoldRead & Write Gold

Manufacturer: Texthelp Systems Inc.

Read & Write Gold reads on-screen text, assists in grammar and spell checks, and assists in writing across different applications. Available in standard and USB (mobile) versions.



Read & Write Gold is a reading comprehension and writing aid solution for reading for users with literacy or learning difficulties. It features the reading of Web pages and documents and a choice of natural voices.  Use text and picture dictionaries to comprehend unfamiliar words.  Word prediction assists in the writing process.  Research tools within the software help users find and process information more independently.

Read & Write Gold allows users to work in a truly inclusive environment using standard Windows applications. This mainstream compatibility means there is no need to learn a whole new way of creating and editing text, as Read & Write  Gold works seamlessly within Windows applications such as Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. Read & Write Gold will also read PDF documents!

Read & Write Gold is a simple to use toolbar that "floats" on top of any open application. Assistance can then easily be called upon as the user works.

Word QWordQ

Manufacturer: Quillsoft

WordQ provides spelling assistance with on-screen prompting of suggested spellings as you type. It can be used with most software applications and the internet.



WordQ is a simple but powerful writing tool that:

  • Predicts words as you type
  • Reads predicted words to improve choice accuracy
  • Predicts the next grammatically correct word automatically
  • Re-reads sentences as they are typed for word flow and meaning
  • Re-reads and highlights completed work for editing and proofreading
  • Read virtually any digital text on your computer
  • WordQ works for any writer from beginner to experienced, helping to improve the quality, quantity and fluency of their writing.

WordQ is customizable providing various levels of support.

WordQ works in virtually ANY computer environment such as Word™, Inspiration™, WordPad, NotePad, Outlook™, etc.

WordQ is discreet - prediction, speech and readback features are easily turned on and off as required.

Whether just beginning Kindergarten or completing Grade 12, WordQ meets the needs of all writers. Beginning writers listen to and then select words from a limited vocabulary list to help them write simple sentences. Proficient writers, with an advanced vocabulary/spelling ability, bring the word prediction box up only when it is needed. In addition every writer can use the "readback" feature to listen to and edit their writing, whether it is a three line recount or a 3000 word essay. Finally, WordQ reads most digital text including Web pages, PDFs and Word documents, making access to text simple and direct.

French version available upon request.

WordQ + SpeakQSpeakQ

Manufacturer: Quillsoft

SpeakQ, combined with WordQ, provides text-to-speech input and spelling correction by voice command.



SpeakQ is a plug-in for WordQ.

What can I do with SpeakQ?
For people who struggle with written language and/or continuous typing SpeakQ is voice recognition technology ...simplified! For many, the idea of voice recognition is exciting and freeing but the reality of training your voice and learning the commands necessary to use it dampens the enthusiasm. SpeakQ was created for these people.  Training is easier. Voice commands are eliminated. SpeakQ's one task is to help you write using your voice.

Simple voice training with a variety of reading levels to choose from. Reading passages are read out loud, making training independent for readers and non-readers alike Choice of "speak continuously" or "speak and select".

"Speak and select" mode eliminates unwanted or incorrect phrases being typed, you choose what goes on your page. Similar look and feel as WordQ - prediction box "predicts" what you say (and allows you to choose the correct example). Microphone can be set to turn off after each voice entry eliminating unwanted extra words recorded by mistake. Works seamlessly with WordQ allowing the user to revert to word prediction at any time.

"Replay" button enables the user to hear their own voice, "Read" reads back what the computer "heard" thus helping the user improve their voice input.

Works in any "word processing" format, Word, NotePad, Inspiration, Outlook, etc. Whether you home school a child with written output difficulties (see Supported Learning) or just want a simple to use voice recognition software for yourself, SpeakQ is an excellent choice. Training your voice is simple with a variety of reading passages that are read out loud. There are no voice commands to learn. You use your mouse and keyboard to run your computer. It also functions seamlessly with WordQ allowing you to move back and forth between the two thus reducing the frustration inherent when learning to use voice recognition technology. Whether you are writing reports or writing recipes (or both!), SpeakQ makes word processing by voice easy to learn and simple to use.


Manufacturer: Mayer-Johnson

Graphic Database & Print Display Maker.  




Boardmaker is a graphics database containing over 3,000 Picture Communication Symbols in bitmapped clip art form. The program allows you to: Make a professional looking communication display in minutes. Quickly find and paste pictures into your display with a mouse click. Make the pictures any size and with any spacing. Print and/or save your display on disk for later use. Print displays in black & white or color. Make worksheets, picture instruction sheets, reading books, journals, or posters.


Manufacturer: Don Johnston

Word prediction that works on all devices and computers.




For struggling writers, translating thoughts into writing can feel overwhelming. Their writing often suffers from phonetic or inventive spelling, lack of richness, limited detail, and incoherence. These students need the word prediction program that has empowered more written self-expression than any other tool.

Co:Writer is the only word prediction program to use Linguistic Word Prediction™ intelligence. For students who struggle with translating thoughts into writing, there is no other tool that more accurately interprets what they intend to say. Co:Writer's ability to improve writing coherence, richness and detail goes far beyond any imitator.

Spark LearnerSpark Learner

Manufacturer: Spark-Space

Document creator that guides a user from the brainstorm phase to essay and writing development.


Spark Learner bridges the gap between ideas and the production of a structured piece of writing. It is for students with a conceptual learning style such as those with hidden disabilities like dyslexia. Spark-Space allows students to structure their thoughts at speed and then turn those ideas into a structured document in one program. Spark-Space enables students to see relationships between ideas through its unique 3D view, thus accelerating learning and understanding. Independent working is also encouraged as built in text- to-speech allows them to review and correct their own work.

Digital Voice RecorderDigital Voice Recorder


Slim, portable recording devices for recording lectures and notes. Use with voice recognition software and import files directly into your computer.



Features sleek & fashionable design with a recording time of 18 hr or 9 hrs. Capable of recording up to 396 files , records telephone conversation. Has LCD Display, Auto Power Save Function , All Accessories Included: USB cable, cable, external microphone, earphone, telephone adapter, and PC software.

*Model may not be exactly as shown.

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