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This category includes products such as tools, documentation, workstation and wheelchair accessories.

Scotty Laptop Tray - Kristen Scotty Laptop Tray - Kristen

Manufacturer: Compusult

Center-Mount, Pedestal Tray

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The 'Kristen' is a center-mount, pedestal tray. Its slide in base fits under a wheelchair seat cushion and includes a female quick connect. Flexibility can be increased by adding the optional angle adjustable link at one, or both ends and/or increasing or decreasing the pedestal height when ordering. Quick-disconnects makes for easy storage when not in use.

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Scotty Laptop Tray - ClaireScotty Laptop Tray - Claire

Manufacturer: Compusult

Surface-Mount Tray

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The 'Claire' is a surface mount tray assembly. Several different base mounts can be ordered and Flexibility can be increased by adding the optional angle adjustable link at one, or both ends of the assembly. Quick-disconnects makes for easy storage when not in use.

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Scotty Laptop Tray - Options Scotty Laptop Tray - Options

Manufacturer: Compusult

Various Options & Accessories

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One of the great advantages of the modular Scotty laptop system is the availability of various options and accessories. You can customize any Scotty with a cup holder, umbrella or even a fishing rod holder.

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Manufacturer: Compusult

Speech Access to Electronic Panels and Equipment

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Responder integrates machine vision and speech technologies to provide an automated monitoring and event notification system for workplace and industrial installations.

Responder is a machine-vision-based automated monitoring system that provides a continuous watch on electronic equipment, such as alarm panels, and provides notification via speech output or other, optional methods.

Responder "watches" your existing equipment, such as banks of alarm panels, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. When an event such as an alarm occurs, Responder provides corresponding notification using recorded and/or synthesized speech over loudspeakers, public address systems and/or telephone systems and modems. Responder also maintains a complete log of all events, which aids in verifying operational status of the equipment being monitored.

The entire system is unobtrusive. In general, it requires no modification of, access to, or contact with, existing equipment.

Responder can react to various types of events, including light and sound indicators, alphanumeric digital displays and analog or digital output from other systems.

Responder systems can handle simple to complex equipment monitoring requirements and can be customized to meet a facility's specific needs. Multiple Responder systems can be deployed, if required, to handle demanding environments. However, you pay for only the Responder configuration you need to meet your current requirements. You can then expand your Responder installation at any time as new needs arise or to accommodate additional equipment.

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Manufacturer: Compusult

Speech Access to Electronic Indicators

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Compusult's Vindicator systems use optical and electrical sensors to automatically detect on/off events and provide corresponding notification to blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired and deaf persons.

Vindicator makes electronic equipment accessible to disabled employees, allowing them to independently work in switchboard, security and other technical and service-oriented environments.

Vindicator's standard output is digitized speech in any language. Other, optional outputs are available. These include large format alphanumeric displays, LED indicators, strobe lights, audible tones, serial interfaces to computers and other devices, electrical signals, etc., depending on your particular needs.

All Vindicators are completely unobtrusive and require no internal connections to your existing electronic equipment. They are also fully transportable in the event that equipment must be replaced or moved. Most Vindicators are available as completely stand-alone devices or include interfaces to work with computer systems and other electronic equipment.

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Spark-Space Professional Spark-Space Professional

Manufacturer: Spark-Space

Graphic Business Planning Tool


Using Spark-Space allows the immediate electronic capture of ideas and concepts and it can translate them into written documents at the click of a button. This then allows faster decision making, significantly faster preparation, shorter meetings and increased productivity. Spark-Space is the fastest business planning tool on the market, taking concept to document faster than ever before.

ERGOREST Forearm SupportERGOREST Forearm Support

Manufacturer: ERGOREST

Attachable, Adjustable Support


ERGOREST® Forearm support is lightweight and easy movable. The support is made of aluminium alloy and polyamid, the pad is upholstered with genuine leather. The forearm support will be attached to table top by adjustable clamps. It also has a height adjustment screw. The maximum operating span for the standard model is 235 mm/9.25 in, maximum load is 12 kg/26 lb, and the height adjustment is 75 mm/2.95 in.

The ERGOREST Forearm Support is available in standard or long lengh with or without a mouse pad.  


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