Electronic Tracking and Web-based or Wireless Data Access


Wireless Data Access

  • Wireless Data Access
  • Electronic Tracking of items within an organization is another vital aspect of a successful business. Tracking consumable items such as files and folders, software, hardware, and electronic equipment is necessary to prevent loss of items. In an increasingly competitive environment, inventory management and electronic tracking can mean the difference between success and failure. Businesses are requiring systems that are versatile, comprehensive, and additionally web-based.

  • Wireless Data Access
  • Organizations need the ability to check on status updates regarding the locations of various assets, produce reports for management, and document details on item maintenance. By accurately documenting and controlling inventory through electronic tracking and web-based management, businesses can gain significant competitive advantages by reducing unnecessary costs. Compusult understands this need, and has developed several products to assist organizations in meeting demanding inventory issues.

  • Wireless Data Access
  • The FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out System provides organizations the ability to electronically track all consumable items within an organization. It can provide detailed reports on check-in/check-out activity, history, and item status. In addition, Compusult provides FasseTrack Freedom, which allows companies to access FasseTrack data in any area that provides a wireless or web connection, enhancing the flexibility of all FasseTrack products. 

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FasseTrack is the Solution FasseTrack is the Solution


We have developed asset management solutions to ensure businesses have the ability to properly control assets, ultimately reducing expenses and increasing profit.

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