Visual Disabilities


Ensuring Equal Opportunities

  • Visual Disability Aid
  • Whether you have moderate or severe vision loss, typical tasks such as reading a book or working in a corporate office are often a challenge. Compusult offers a number of assistive technology products that provide individuals with visual impairments equal opportunities to independently work and complete tasks. 

  • Visual Disability Aid
  • For individuals with moderate vision loss, there are different solutions to help magnify text. Magnification devices enlarge text in books or physical documents while retaining sharp images. Portable or desktop devices provide the lighting, contrast, and adjustable text sizes that are quickly changed for different hardcopy requirements. Computer screen magnifiers provide clear images at high levels of magnification. These solutions reduce barriers to education and employment, allowing those with vision loss the ability to reach their full potential.

  • Visual Disability Aid
  • For individuals with severe visual impairment or blindness, there are solutions that can take directions from the user through voice recognition, and comprehensive software that works with all functions of a computer and other common software programs. Workplace solutions such as ScanTELL announce bar coded items, and DigiCite converts LED displays to speech output.  Incorporating these solutions in the workplace allow individuals with different levels of vision loss to successfully contribute to the workforce with minimal ongoing accommodation from employers or coworkers.

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ScanTELL allows blind and visually impaired persons to quickly and independently identify bar coded items at work, school, and home.

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It is a compact machine-vision system that continuously monitors and captures images of digital displays, such as alphanumeric LEDs. DigiCite is an electronic device that converts LED displays to speech output.

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Responder integrates machine vision and speech technologies to provide an automated monitoring and event notification system for workplace and industrial installations.

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