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  • Asset Tracking
  • Many organizations can be complex in nature, geographically dispersed, or can have multiple assets across operations. It is necessary for businesses to properly manage all fixed assets within an organization to ensure control and profitability. While it is important for businesses to sell products and increase revenue, another vital key to success for many organizations is decreasing or cutting unnecessary costs.

  • Asset Tracking
  • Some business professionals may unknowingly spend funds on products or assets they already have in stock, simply because they are unaware of their complete inventory. In addition, fixed assets are part of and are owned by the company, therefore it is necessary for management to account for each, as a loss of a fixed asset is ultimately a loss in revenue. Fixed assets can range from computers, to software, to office equipment, and without proper tracking of these assets, it is easy to lose control of them.

  • Asset Tracking
  • Here at Compusult, we have developed a system that allows management professionals the ability to control fixed assets within their organization. It provides companies the ability to better understand their inventory and track assets to address issues such as scheduled maintenance. FasseTrack Asset Management System gives organizations the ability to reduce expenses by accurately managing fixed assets, resulting in loss prevention and improved equipment maintenance.

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FasseTrack is the Solution FasseTrack is the Solution

We have developed asset management solutions to ensure businesses have the ability to properly control assets, ultimately reducing expenses and increasing profit.

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