Computer Access for Physical Disabilities


Improve Functional Capabilities

  • Improve Functional Capabilities
  • Individuals with physical disabilities, such as paraplegics or quadriplegics, often face numerous challenges on a daily basis. Fortunately, the continuous advancements in assistive technology help improve the functional capabilities of individuals with limited mobility and make their lives easier at work, home, and in social situations.

  • Improve Functional Capabilities
  • Compusult has developed reliable assistive technology products that provide access to all functions on a computer, and make operating a keyboard and mouse an easier task. Compusult offers the Jouse3, an alternative mouse option for individuals unable to use the standard mouse. The sensitive joystick can be operated with your mouth through a standard USB connection. The Jouse3 offers access to laptop or desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

  • Improve Functional Capabilities
  • Compusult also offers the Scotty Laptop Tray for individuals wanting additional access to laptops while in their wheelchairs. This is a stable wheelchair tray system with three style options, that can conveniently connect and disconnect to wheelchairs as needed. The Scotty allows you to secure your laptop and carry items securely on a non-slip surface that is built to your specifications. By offering these types of products, we provide persons with physical disabilities the ability to become more independent and live richer, fuller lives.

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Jouse3™ operates using the USB interface and protocols. Just plug it in, and Jouse3 will configure itself to work with your particular computer. It couldn't be easier!

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Scotty Laptop wheelchair tray system is a versatile collection of attachment hardware, connectors, supporting links and work surfaces for many uses.

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2-Switch, U-Switch

The U-Switch is a high-quality, low-cost USB-based switch controller for mouse actions that supports up to 6 standard switches and/or one multi-switch.

The 2-Switch is a miniature USB-based switch controller for two selected mouse actions, two selected keyboard inputs, or one mouse action and one keyboard input.

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