Defence Geospatial Intelligence/Decision Support


Decision Making is Critical

  • Defence Intelligence
  • Defence agencies require detailed geospatial information for mission critical situations. The amount of satellite imagery and mapping available is extensive, and it is increasingly difficult to access and manage the appropriate GIS information. Supporting all military actions and operations involves acquiring exact intelligence, and agencies require a secure avenue to exploit and make informed, actionable decisions based on this information.

  • Marching Troops
  • It is often difficult to provide front line warfighters with the right location based data to ensure they have the information they need to carry out strategies. First responders need timely access and accurate data to keep those individuals safe, therefore it is vital it's organized for easy management. Using all forms of imagery and intelligence allows officials to gain needed insight into solutions for all involved in the defence industry.

  • Tank
  • We at Compusult provide the resolution for officials and first responders, allowing them the ability to quickly process and manage geospatial intelligence for swift responsive decision making. Please read about Compusult's Web Enterprise Suite for the right solution.

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Product Solutions Product Solutions

Web Enterprise Suite 

Web Enterprise Suite is a suite of applications, based on open standards, that work together to provide one of the most comprehensive data discovery, access, retrieval, and delivery systems available.

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GO Mobile 

GO Mobile is a mobile application for devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android-based tablets to easily access geospatial content and other data and services through secure wireless communications to the cloud.

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WES Catalog

WES Catalog is an OGC-compliant ebXML integrated services registry and repository. The application provides comprehensive, standards based, catalog creation and management modules enabling data and service discovery, publishing, access and maintenance.

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Meta Manager

Meta Manager is an OGC-CSW/Open Search compliant metadata management tool. It will automatically extract metadata from relational databases, file systems, etc. and format the metadata according to a preferred metadata standard (NAP, DDMS, ISO 19115, etc.).

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