FasseTrack Freedom

FasseTrack Freedom lets you access your FasseTrack data in real-time wherever and whenever there is a compatible wireless or Web connection!

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RFID & Barcode Solutions

FasseTrack supports RFID tag reading and barcode scanning.

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Asset Tracking

FasseTrack is a complete Asset Management System that provides real-time tracking of an unlimited number of assets, inventory, and consumable items, as well as locations and consignees.

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FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out System

FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out is a powerful and user-friendly system for electronic tracking of items and consumables within each area of your organization. It also now supports RFID tag reading and barcode scanning.

FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out can be deployed as a standalone application or a web version called FasseTrack Freedom. Optionally, FasseTrack Mobile can be added to allow the system to be utilized in any remote environment.

 FasseTrack Check-In/Check-OutFlexibilty

FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out lets you track items such as:

  • Tools, including consumable hardware and materials
  • Files and folders
  • Software and books in your company library
  • Electronic equipment, including pagers, computers etc.
  • Rental, loan and demo items

FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out lets you:

  • Track items according to physical identification, acquisition, location and check-in/check-out details, with all key information displayed on a single screen
  • Assign and re-assign items individually or by group, category, type, identifier, status, and location
  • Define custom data fields
  • Produce a wide variety of pre-defined and custom reports, including check-in/check-out activity and history, overdue items, number of items checked out, current item status, etc.
  • Document item maintenance details, including individual and cumulative maintenance costs, work orders, etc.
  • Transfer item data to and from other software applications
  • Maintain a complete and secure audit trail of all transactions

 FasseTrack Check-In/Check-OutFull Barcode Capability

FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out features comprehensive bar code support, including:

  • Supports RFID tag reading and barcode scanning
  • Data entry and searching using barcode scanners and readers
  • Compatibility with almost any type of barcode
  • Barcode label printing on standard laser and ink jet printers
  • Direct integration with FasseTrack Mobile
  • Data transfers to and from any third-party portable data collection terminal that uses ASCII files and a serial interface


In addition to many features and flexibility built into FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out, there may be other requirements that your organization especially needs. Compusult can produce custom versions of FasseTrack Check-In/Check-Out to accommodate any desired functionality. We also provide training, data conversion, and technical support services.

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