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Tracking Your Assets

  • Portable Data Colection
  • Flexibility is necessary to many business professionals as schedules become more demanding and individuals take on additional tasks and assignments. Management professionals, especially in large organizations, are often moving from one location to another. At one moment they could be checking on the status of an order, and the next they could be in the shipping department ensuring a particular product has arrived. This type of movement means management are often not sitting in front of their desks.

  • Portable Data Colection
  • They require a system that allows them to instantaneously check on inventory, the status of an order, and scan and verify items. This results in efficiencies at the workplace, and better use of managements time. Here at Compusult, we offer a solution to help management better allocate their time and resources.

  • Portable Data Colection
  • The FasseTrack Mobile System allows flexibility for organizations by allowing the tracking of inventory on the move. It permits management to gather information from one or more location, and transfer collected data to Desktop PC's. This type of application is ideal for organizations with fast paced environments, large inventory holdings, and/or assets that are widely distributed throughout operations.

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FasseTrack is the Solution FasseTrack is the Solution


We have developed asset management solutions to ensure businesses have the ability to properly control assets, ultimately reducing expenses and increasing profit.

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