Caption Display


Caption Display

Our remote captioning systems are complete, ready-to-run, closed caption display boards.

All our Caption Display Systems work by extracting the closed caption (Line 21) encoding from the video signal and displaying it to a high density LED display. The systems will present all ASCII characters from television, video tape, video disc, cable or off-air sources. This leaves the video picture free of the captioning information for improved visibility and unobstructed viewing. These systems are used in a variety of environments where it is more convenient to have the closed captioning displayed outside of the normal on-screen viewing area.

There are many such situations where remote closed captioning is helpful. These include:

  • Noisy or crowded environments
  • Quiet environments
  • Large spaces like museums, theaters and convention halls, information kiosks, churches, trade shows, airports and exhibitions hotels
  • Multiple language presentations
  • Many other situations

Download the Caption Display Brochure

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