Hearing Disabilities


Enhancing The Quality of Life

  • Hearing Disability Aid
  • Without access to proper assistive technology, hearing disabilities can negatively impact an individual’s ability to participate in activities within work, school, and home environments. Hearing loss is typically gradual and may affect more individuals than one would expect. Many people with minor loss to significant hearing loss benefit from utilizing technology to understand others and communicate.  

  • Hearing Disability Aid
  • With today's technological advancements, there are a number of solutions available that allow individuals with hearing disabilities to fully participate in the work force and other societal activities. Our Closed Caption Display solutions provide a display of the spoken word that is available in a range of sizes for venues of different types. With voice recognition software, it reacts quickly to the speaker’s input and displays the words being spoken.  

  • Hearing Disability Aid
  • Advancements within mobile technology have also increased access for individuals with hearing loss and speaking difficulties. Apps and devices allow users to type in a convenient fashion and announce the words clearly. Dedicated apps can remember frequently used phrases and limit typing. 

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Caption Display

These systems are used in a variety of environments where it is more convenient to have the closed captioning displayed outside of the normal on-screen viewing area.

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