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  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory control is vital to all organizations, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. It is necessary for organizations to have a complete understanding of all items in stock as it provides information about the daily activities of a firm. Small businesses such as convenience stores and hardware stores require inventory management to ensure all necessary products are in stock, and replenishment of stock is done so in a timely manner. Some small firms use manual systems to keep track of inventory, however many are moving towards electronic processes for ease of use and to ensure accuracy. Larger firms on the other hand require electronic inventory control systems. These firms have large amounts of inventory that are often dispersed, and can be spread across multiple locations.

  • Inventory Control
  • It is vital for these organizations to adopt processes to track inventory. Loss of inventory can result in a loss of revenue, therefore management must keep accurate control of all stock within the company. In addition, inventory control is necessary for customer service. Having precise information on hand about current stock leads to efficient delivery of orders  and timely stock replenishment. Inventory control has become a vital aspect to successful businesses as it results in productivity and enhanced competitiveness.

  • Inventory Control
  • Competition amongst organizations in today's market is significant, and companies are consistently searching for means to give them a competitive edge. Inventory control and management is one area many organizations are improving and enhancing in an effort to reduce costs. Compusult offers the FasseTrack Inventory Control System, which assists organizations in their efforts to better manage their inventory, and ultimately their operations.

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We have developed asset management solutions to ensure businesses have the ability to properly control assets, ultimately reducing expenses and increasing profit.

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