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IWAIS 2015

IWAIS 2015 will be held in Uppsala, Sweden
June 28 to July 3, 2015

Uppsala, Sweden

Workshop Location: Clarion Hotel Gillet, Uppsala


A call for abstracts will be issued on February 1, 2015

Proposed themes for IWAIS 2015 include:

  1. Overviews and research programs
  2. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
  3. Icing measurements, modelling and forecasting (incl. climate change)
  4. Icing climates - standards
  5. Sensors, equipment and machinery - standards
  6. Icing on masts, towers and buildings
  7. Icing on power lines
  8. Conductors / Insulators / Flashover
  9. Anti- / de-icing, coatings
  10. Testing facilities
  11. Icing in wind energy
  12. Other topics related to icing

Overview of IWAIS 2015 Events

28 June (Sunday) Ice breaker in the evening at 18:00 at Clarion Hotel Gillet, Uppsala
29 June (Monday) Technical visit to STRI ( in Ludvika (possibly also to ABB in Västerås)
30 June (Tuesday) IWAIS 2015 - Day 1
01 July (CANADA day) IWAIS 2015 - Day 2
02 July (Thursday) IWAIS 2015 - Day 3: Optional departure in the afternoon to Gotland
03 July (Friday) Technical visit to Smart Grid Gotland (


For additional information, please contact the IWAIS 2015 organising committee:

  • Göran Ronsten
    WindREN AB
    Kungsberga 1
    SE-179 97 Färentuna
    Mob: +46 70 59 46 570

  • Rebecka Klintström
    Meventus AB
    Götgatan 24
    11846 Stockholm
    Tel: +46 72 24 34 504

  • Helena Wickman
    Meventus AB
    Götgatan 24
    11846 Stockholm
    Tel: +46 72 24 34 504

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IWAIS Aftermath

St John's Newfoundland


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IWAIS 2013 Overview

The 15th International Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures (IWAIS 2013) was held in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada from September 8 to 11, 2013. Compusult was very honoured to host and organize this event.

Atmospheric ice accumulation on structures is a serious and costly problem affecting a wide variety of human activities such as electric power transmission and distribution, transportation, wind energy, oil and gas production/exploration, telecommunications, Arctic and sub-Arctic operations, etc. The purpose of this workshop was to facilitate scientific and technical information exchanges among utilities and other industries operating in icing-prone environments, as well as meteorological services, technology companies, research centres, laboratories, and universities.

IWAIS 2013 included over 50 oral and poster presentations, thus providing a unique opportunity to present the latest research, development, and newly acquired knowledge in areas such as:

  • Methods for protection against icing and reduction of risk and damage, such as anti-icing methods and hydrophobic coatings
  • Theoretical studies and verification testing for in-cloud icing, wet snow accretion and freezing rain, accumulation and shedding mechanisms
  • Mapping and assessing climatic risks affecting various structures
  • Techniques for icing forecasting and alerting systems
  • Field observations and storm analyses for various types of atmospheric and spray icing
  • Basic research and laboratory measurements associated with the physics and dynamics of ice accretion
  • Analyses of the mechanical effects of ice accumulation on structures
  • Effects of storms and icing on telecommunications, electrical distribution, wind energy production systems
  • Electrical properties of iced conductors and insulators, and flashover
  • Catastrophic ice storms, analysis of meteorological situations and damage incurred, and the possibilities for forecasting such events

IWAIS 2013 attracted presenters and attendees from many different organizations and over 14 countries. This document contains the papers and posters submitted by workshop registrants on which the IWAIS 2013 presentations were based. They appear in the same order in which the workshop sessions and presentations took place.

On behalf of Compusult and the International Advisory Committee, I sincerely want to thank all those who participated in IWAIS 2013 and who contributed to these proceedings and the success of this workshop.

Paul Mitten, Vice-President, Compusult Limited


Compusult Limited was the technical host and organizer of IWAIS 2013.

Compusult is a Canadian-owned and diversified Information Technology company in operation since 1985. We also specialize in physical environmental applications, including ice accretion studies, probabilistic ice and wind loading assessments on land-based and marine structures, ice accretion modelling and measurement, and many different types of data acquisition, monitoring, and management systems.

Compusult has previously completed ice accretion related projects and studies for clients such as Environment Canada, National Research Council Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, Newfoundland Power, and Black & Veatch. We’ve also worked with leading ice accretion experts from the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), University of Alberta (Canada), and other agencies and institutions.

Additionally, Compusult has extensive experience developing, implementing, and enhancing time-dependent and simple numerical models and alert systems for atmospheric icing and wind loading on structures, with respect to freezing precipitation (including icicle growth), wet snow, in-cloud (rime), and sea spray ice accretion.

For information on IWAIS 2013 and access to publicly available conference materials, please visit the workshop website at:

IWAIS 2013 apps will be freely available for most popular mobile devices at least until December 31, 2013 and possibly longer. Please visit your favourite app store and search for “IWAIS” to locate and download the app.




Compusult would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in IWAIS 2013 and helped make this workshop a success!