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Optional site visits

Hawke Hill Test Site

In the early 90’s, Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro developed the Hawke Hill test site to monitor long term wind and ice loads on a non-energized single phase line built to 230 kV standard. The test site is located at Hawke Hill, approximately 35 km west of the St. John’s International Airport at an altitude of 275 m above mean sea level. The site consists of one suspension steel lattice tower (guyed-V) to support the phase conductor and two single guyed wood pole dead end structures to terminate the conductor. The two spans are approximately 214 m in length and the central tower supports a single phase conductor with a 28 mm diameter. Numerous sensors installed at the test site continuously record parameters such as: wind speed, wind direction, temperature, precipitation, ice accretion, tension along the insulator string, swing angles in both directions and the tension at the end of the cable. 

(NOTE: This requires separate registration and cost. Also, safety boots are required to visit Hawke Hill.)

All other safety equipment will be supplied by nalcor energy.

Visit will be lead by: 

Jerry English, M.Sc., P.Geo. C-CORE

Senior Geophysicist – Earth Observation

Jerry has twenty-five years experience in the field of applied Geophysics. He has expertise in the design, programming and field testing of data acquisition systems for various physical sensors and geophysical survey devices. He has worked on numerous projects with NLHydro including the design, construction and operation of an Ice and Meteorological monitoring station at Gull Island, Labrador and the upgrade, maintenance and operation of the Hawke Hill, Newfoundland site. Along with his instrumentation skills, Jerry has extensive experience in the field of satellite Earth Observation. He has been managing all of C-CORE’s satellite InSAR ground motion monitoring services since 2005. Jerry’s most recent Earth Observation projects have involved acquisition, processing and display of satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. This data was used to monitor ground motion due to changes in the permafrost regime of arctic sites, measure glacier velocity, assess slope stability of gas pipeline right-of-ways and highway infrastructure, measure ground movement associated with the removal of oil from reservoirs and monitor the stability of hydro-electric dam installations. Mr. English has also been involved in other satellite SAR projects including the monitoring of iceberg populations in the North Atlantic and the delineation of river ice and lake ice concentrations.


Fermeuse Wind Farm

The Fermeuse wind farm is a 27MW capacity facility located on the southern shore of Newfoundland that's been operational since May 2009 and cost $43M to complete. It consists of 9 Vesta 3.0 MW turbines and can supply enough power for approximately 7500 households. This site occasionally experiences icing conditions due to the nature of the local Newfoundland climate.


For the Fermeuse wind farm, the site visit will be lead by representatives of Eon WindElectric, Newfoundland.

Thank you for your participation

Compusult would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in IWAIS 2013 and helped make this workshop a success!

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