International Advisory Committee (IAC)

International Advisory Committee (IAC)

  • Xingliang Jiang, China, Chair
  • Sergey Chereshnyuk, Russia
  • Árni Jón Elíasson, Iceland
  • Masoud Farzaneh, Canada
  • Svein M. Fikke, Norway
  • Angel Gallego, Spain
  • Miron. L. Goia, Romania
  • Asim Haldar, Canada
  • David Havard, Canada
  • Alain Heimo, Switzerland
  • Franc Jakl, Slovenia
  • Kathleen Jones, USA
  • Shigeo Kimura, Japan
  • André Leblond, Canada
  • Lasse J. Makkonen, Finland
  • Bjørn E. K. Nygaard, Norway
  • Alan B. Peabody, USA
  • Laure Pellet, France
  • Goran Ronsten, Sweden
  • Jaroslav Šabata, Czech Republic
  • Yukichi Sakamoto, Japan
  • Lichun Shu, China
  • Noriyoshi Sugawara, Japan
  • Krzystof Szilder, Canada
  • Brian J. Wareing, UK


Thank you for your participation

Compusult would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in IWAIS 2013 and helped make this workshop a success!

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Registration open June 1, 2013
Deadline for discounted hotel rates August 9, 2013
Deadline for submission of Presentation Files August 31, 2013
Hotel reservation deadline September, 2013



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